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 Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get by joining the affiliate program?

  • 20% of the purchase price (about $5/copy sold, can be more if the customer purchases the CD-ROM or other software products)
  • Your own account management interface with real-time revenue statistics
  • A special link that uses cookies to track all clicks on the link and credit you for every sale made
  • Payment can be sent to you by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer
  • Get the money faster on your pocket with our flexible payment options, e.g. you can set the minimum payment to $100 and get paid every two weeks

How does the system work?
1. After you sign up, you place a special link on your web site to recommend any of our fine software products on your web site. Click here for linking instructions.
2. A visitor comes to your site and he clicks on the link, interested to find out more about the software. A cookie is placed on his system with your unique affiliate key and he will be taken to the home page of the software. 
3. At this point, he may decide to purchase the software right away or download the free fully-functional trial version to evaluate it first.
4. He likes the software very much and goes to the order page to buy it.
5. The order system identifies that this customer comes from your site, so it credits 20% of the total purchase price to your account. It's a minimum of about $5 per copy sold. If the customer chooses to buy the software on CD-ROM, you gets an extra $2. If he also buys any other software products, you also gets an extra 20% of the total purchase price as well.
6. And all you have to do is just sit and collect the money every month or any given payment interval you prefer.

What is WallMaster Pro? Why should I sell it?
Click here to see more information about WallMaster ProWallMaster Pro is an easy-to-use and powerful wallpaper management utility, allowing you to use any of your favorite images as desktop wallpaper instantly. It supports more than 12 popular image formats including BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIF, TGA, PCD, WMF, and even allows you to use HTML file as wallpaper, great for putting animation, sound clip, or movie on your desktop. It has won many top awards such as 5-Star Editor's Pick and Preston's Pick on ZDNet, 5-Star ratings and Editor's Pick on SoftSeek,, PC World, Yippee, and many others.

What is FX Saver? Why should I sell it?
Click here to see more information about FX SaverFX Saver enables you to create your own personalized screen saver using your favorite images easily. Incorporated with a simple and intuitive control panel interface, you can add your favorite images, customize the appearance, and spice it up with cool special effects and sounds (MID/WAV/MP3) in just a few minutes! It has been awarded 5-Star Editor's Pick on ZDNet,, Go Wares, File Transit, etc.

What if my visitors who click the link on my web site don't purchase the software on their first visit? Do I still get the credit if they purchase it later?
You don't need to worry about that. The link places a cookie on their systems along with your affiliate key, so even if they purchase the software a few weeks or a month later, we will know that they are coming from your site and credit you for the sale. In other words, once they click on the special link, they are your customers forever!

Can I sell multiple products (e.g. WallMaster Pro and FX Saver) on my web site?
Sure, you can. You can choose to sell WallMaster Pro, FX Saver, or both of them on your web site, whichever you think is best for your site's visitors.

Where is my affiliate account interface?
Please click here to login to your affiliate account interface, where you can check your revenue statistics and change your payment options.

When and how do I get paid?
You get paid when your revenue has reached the minimum payment level. You can also select your payment method, either by check, direct deposit, or wire transfer. We believe no other affiliate system offer you such flexible payment options!

Are there any rules on how I sell the products?
You can sell the products however you like, provided you are honest and do not use deceptive marketing practices. Deceptive marketing practices including sending 'spam' mass e-mail, falsifying pricing, or misleading customers. These practices do not sell software and destroy our brand; we will revoke your Affiliate Program membership if you violate any of these rules.

Who manages the affiliate program?
Considering the high demand from our customers and some fellow webmasters who are interested to resell our software products, we have created this lucrative affiliate program, partnered-up with Plimus, Inc. Great software, generous commission, real-time statistics, and flexible payment options to get your money faster on your pocket, what could be better?

Click here to join the affiliate program now!

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

 Featured Affiliate Sites

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